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It seems as though Big Frank has entered a bit of an identity crisis as we smoothly slide into the month of May (the month of May). Not only has he relocated abroad to Denmark but he’s also started to refer to himself as Big Little Frank, which completely changes the dynamic of EVERYTHING.

It is a rule that once you attach the ‘Big’ moniker to your name, once you have reached a certain age, there is no going back. No variation will be allowed and, in some cases, the ‘Big’ has been stripped from those who have tried to circumvent this tradition that has been carried on for centuries. Needless to say, the ‘Council of Big’ will be contacting Big Frank shortly to discuss all of this.

In the meantime let us look upon his new business adventure regardless.

Big Little Frank are based in Copenhagen and build powerful Mac Pro 5.1 systems for professionals within film and video-editing, colour grading, photography, 3D and motion graphics, architecture, music production, graphic design, software development and more.

They design a different Mac Pro for every single customer, based on an analysis of their specific workflow, the programs they use, and tailored on their needs. That, I think, is very nice.

Their undying admiration and affection for “the best Mac that Apple ever built”, the Mac Pro 5.1, knows no bounds and they use the very best, modern and powerful components available, for a performance unseen before in the Mac ecosystem. And the results are incredible.

There is a lot going on there, far too much for some like me to consider. Luckily though I feel that the month of May (the month of May) will allow me enough time to suck in all of this information and spew it out at the right moment. I feel like I should also point out that this month it is the month of Month, the monthiest month that ever was due to TWO Bank Holidays (and one world cup) that we can all enjoy. Please feel free to enjoy the month of Month whichever way you see fit.

15 comments on “Big Frank’s Global Domination – Computers

  • Can you ask the Council of Big about when I get to be big? I was Big Man for a while but that stopped and I miss my former magnitude.

  • What age do the Council of Big bestow ‘Bigness’ on people. I always thought it was dad related, are you Big Ian yet?

  • The Council will occasionally consider applications for ‘early developers’ such as me but I have not attained the title quite yet. You have to be a parent and over the age of 50. Once these two milestones have been achieved then you are bestowed with the ‘big’ moniker.

  • Your Big Man status was only temporary. You can climb those dizzy heights once again if you really put your face to the grind.

  • Yes, you have to ensure you have a fitting face for the ‘bigness’ and the only way to get that is by sticking your feace in a mill. A grind mill. Mill grind.

    It will hurt but it’s the only way.

  • In that case, is ‘Bigness’ optional? Can i turn it down or will it eventually be thrust upon me?

  • I think you already know the answer to that, Kevin. Look deep into the parka.

  • Too late. The heavies have already been dispatched to thrust grinding right in your face. In fact, despite me having words, I think it may be a delayed reaction from the ‘We Buy any Sheep’ website.

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