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As everyone knows, because he hasn’t shut up about it all day, much like a certain someone and his much-lauded trip to Rome, today is Christopher James Marshall’s birthday.

To celebrate this I present to you the blurriest photo I currently possess of him.


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  • Whatever is happening, because of the blurriness it’s hard to tell, it must be very debaucherous for my life companion to not want to have it seen by the general public.

  • This brings a tear to my eye. It’s like my life, but more vague and a bit softer. That’s how I’d like everything to be.

  • Soft focus photos make the world go round, much like flans and tarts. I’m glad you both remembered and enjoyed this.

    If the photo was clearer it would spoil the whole thing.

  • Kev’s reasons for doing most things are sordid and unapproachable. It’s best we speak no more on the subject for fear of opening up his brain and unleashing upon the general public once more.

  • Question. Should this be “birthdayingtons” or, in light of the fact this word ends with a Y, should it actually be “birthdingtons”?

  • I am quite happy with either. As long as it avoids the pitfalls of the customary ‘happy birthday’ then I can stretch my fluffy pants with glee.

  • Hmmm. What about if we revert to the traditional “happy birthday”? Would that then prevent you stretching your fluffy pants?

    Personally I’m willing to make significant sacrifices if it would mean an end to that terrible practice.

  • Nothing can stop the onslaught of my fluffy pants. You can only resist for so long.

  • It’s not even his birthday anymore. Do you really care that much Kevindo?

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