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Now that the shock of having an orb instead of a child has disappeared, you can settle into a routine that fits the both of you. Remember that you have to get used to your orb as much as he or she has to get used to you. You are not an easy person to live with and people do talk about you behind your back.

In order for your orb to understand how to behave around children and other orbs you may to take them out to a soft play facility. Here, kids and orbs of all ages run or hover around in well-crafted industrial buildings that nobody knew what to do with, panicked and then threw some padding on the floors. You can watch from the safety of the coffee shop, with your half-fat vanilla latte, whilst your little one floats in and out of tubes, ball pools and slides. You will also get to listen as other, more smug parents (more smugger or smuggents as they’re referred to) chunter on about how their child managed to get into Cambridge University based on the contents of their last nappy.

Maintain your distance whilst also keeping a close eye on them. This is one of those contradictions that you often see in parenting guides because really, deep down, nobody knows what they’re doing. You want your orb to make friends without you, ironically, hovering about behind them. And you certainly don’t want to one of those dads that follows their orb into the soft play facility and proceeds to comment on every single thing they do, and then convince them not to go down the big slide because it may be “a little too scary” for them. You’ll get a slap round the man nuggets for conduct like that.

Sometimes a float through the park is enough to keep them occupied. With the sun on your back and the fresh air coursing around your orb’s complex series of gas, emissions and chutney, they will appreciate the time you have spent together. Make sure to take plenty of photographs and decorate your orb’s room with memories you have made together.

If they burn a likeness of you into a piece of paper, put it up on the fridge for everyone to see. If they build a statue of you using pasta and PVA glue don’t go with your initial reaction and throw it in the bin; be sure to make a lot of noise about how great it is, put a picture on Facebook and then put it in the garage in the box with the rest of the tripe, or throw it out of the window of a moving car on the way to work the next morning. It’s much funnier that way.

17 comments on “More of You and Your Orb

  • I don’t want to risk a slap around the man nuggets here, but it seems to be that letting an orb play in a ball pool is a major risk, at least until the orb is big enough not to be confused for a ball pool ball.

  • Whilst it is true that orbs do emit a rather large amount of radiation, and they may cause minor electric shocks when touched, these are and should be common knowledge to anyone with a 3/10 of a brain.

  • It’s not my orb and I’m not lobbing it anywhere. It’s up to Kev to decide what he does with his orb. If he wants to chuck it in a small pit of children then that’s his decision.

  • The Sub Sorb, emitting its solid dance music soundtrack, cannot be lobbed. And as we all know, if there ain’t no lob then there ain’t no use.

  • People become so entranced by the Sub Sorb, once it starts fisting out those hard, catchy beats, that everyone forgets what they were doing. It’s a solid chunk of yes please.

    Also, ring a ding dingingtons for cracking out a dad joke when nobody was looking.

  • I don’t think I want to go anywhere near an orb that’s fisting out beats. I’m not sure I could handle that. It’s a firm slab of you’re alright thank you I’ll do without if it’s all the same to you.

  • Oh wow. What a conflict of interest. I suppose… maybe I’d try to listen to the fisty beats from behind some sort of protective barricade so that I couldn’t be injured or traumatised by the orb.

  • I don’t think I could resist that. I’d probably just try to wear some sort of ostentatious codpiece to ward off the worst of the fistiness.

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