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Do you like corners? Do you need more corners in your life? Do you find it hard making very simple decisions?

What you need is Cornercopia!











Hi, I’m Conrad Bundleg and I own Cornercopia, the North-West’s largest supplier of corners in the UK.

We’ve been selling corners for the last twenty years so if you require corners you need to come to us.

We’ve got paper corners, cardboard corners, metal corners, futon corners. We’ve got black corners, yellow corners, blue corners, multi-coloured corners. We’ve got corners for your house, corners for your work, even corners… for your corners!

Someone else may have invented the corner but here at Cornercopia we’ve mastered it.

Cornercopia, on the Bluecoat roundabout just south of Blackpool. You can’t miss us!

12 comments on “The Joy of Corners

  • Why would a corner company locate itself on a smooth-edged roundabout? Why not locate next to a significant corner of some kind?

  • Exactly. Given their poor choice of location, I’m a bit concerned that Cornercopia haven’t… CORNERED THE MARKET.

  • My body tends to meet several corners on a daily basis and they tend to leave a lasting impression, or at least make their mark.
    Do you have any soft corners?

  • They will have soft corners. They have all kinds of corners.

    I think this year it will be a corner kind of Christmas.

  • Got them in spades, mate. They got all the flavours of the rainbow.

  • Yes there’s boxes and boxes of the damn things. In fact for every purchase you get a free Cornershop CD. Strangely though nobody ever takes them.

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