The London 2008 Book

Yes it took me two years to upload it, BUT IT’S HERE NOW:


How they find us…

If you care who looks at the site, or how they find us, look here: WOMP

The Ultimate Record of Newcastle in 2007


This is what you’ve all been waiting for…. Ta Daaaaaa!

The Saint King’s Photo Album

Pic 23

These are some good apples (pictured). Fill your eyes with the pictures!

Claw Justice

The tale (tail?) of a vengeful cat on the prowl. It’s the blockbusting thriller of the decade!

Mr Smith and the Drill

Mr Smith
An exciting new children’s book. Look at it now or die in great pain!

CII Ltd.

Corporate Logo
A new multinational conglomerate is taking over.
Find out more about why you should love (hate) ((loins)) them!


A legendary old git avenging bus users everywhere. It’s Clifford!

The Gallery

Not quite up to Tony Hart’s standards but take a li’l look at the GALLERY!


Tyne bridge, like

We went there and stuff like this happened…

The Office

I thought this would be a nice place to keep all our old-skool gangsta things, like writings and thoughts and things. We can have this page shown on the top next to “about” and then

  • have
  • the
  • other
  • things
  • linked
  • from
  • it
  • like
  • this

It’ll be tremendous. We could even link to

  • Old Constantlyfalling websites (Sorry no can do at the min, i seem to have lost them all! – KEV)
  • Old Webtats
  • Old ladies

So there.


“Ha HAR!”