Avatar Ruining Kev’s future posts

I recently learned that I have been inadvertently spoiling all Kev’s plans to post things to the Beans because every time he has an idea he logs on to the website and finds that I’ve already done it.

It started not so long ago with the slippers, and then I hit him with a double whammy of tyre trouble that took the wind right out of his tyres.

I’ve decided that the best thing to do is to try and expand on this promising new hobby, so in this blog post I am going to try and anticipate some of the things Kev might want to write blog posts about in the near future and get there before him.


Very large worktops


There. I think those three things pretty much cover all bases.

15 comments on “Ruining Kev’s future posts

  • I don’t know what that is but I absolutely insist you go ahead and make that post. I can’t wait to see what it involves.

  • Thanks, mate. My favourite thing about it is the ridiculous thickness of the worktop in the picture. I was looking for photos of very large worktops, but I had no idea I’d find one so huge.

  • Sorry to disappoint you but that’s a standard thickness worktop that’s been made into a box to make a counter top for a takeaway or a bar or something. You can see the seams at the corner.

  • Billy Big Blocks here thinks he knows everything about kitchen worktops now he’s lived through the trauma.

    We all thought tap saga was Kevin’s Vietnam but it turns out it was much thicker, much smoother and much, much more delicate (and awkward to fit).

  • I think the method of worktop construction is beside the point. You’d have to be a total worktop purist to deny that the one in the picture is not “very large”.

  • Of course you do. If you want to make a giant amateur worktop out of bottle tops or matchboxes or pecorino cheese, then you go right ahead, and don’t let those narrow-minded worktop purists tell you it’s not a worktop. It is, I believe it is, and when it’s done I’ll be straight over there to slice my carrots on it.

  • Thanks mate. I don’t think I’ll be using Pinocchio cheese or whatever it is you said but I will be cracking off some shoddy worktops over the Bank Holiday.

    The power of belief is a strong medicine.

  • In that case I’ll keep the cheese to myself for the all-weekend Welsh Rarebit bender that I’ve got planned.

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