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Things are complicated now, aren’t they? There’s a lot going on.

I can’t fix that, but I can give you a ninety second holiday from all the complicated stuff in the world of 2018 by taking you back in time to 2012, an innocent age when anything seemed possible, and three handsome young men asked themselves the question: why should a man only be able to drink one cup of tea at once?

OK. That’s all there is. Now get back to your stupid complicated life.

26 comments on “Teapipes

  • I’ve noticed that your job gets in the way of a lot of video watching and podcast listening. Have you thought about jacking it in so you can watch YouTube videos whenever you want?

  • I’ve seen this, whilst at work, and it made me laugh at my desk. I have now been forced to explain what the fuck was going on.

  • You see? That’s the right attitude. Just get it out there, in the workplace, and explain the noises later.

    Good man. Stout fellow. Jolly well done.

  • Good. Fine. Yes.

    I think, to be honest, that would please Kev. I think even on that amazing day you barely reached the point where he felt he had enough tea.

  • Yeah. Kev loves Lent. Last year he started Lent just after Christmas dinner, so I expect he’s trying to beat his own record. His ultimate dream is for a wraparound Lent that covers a whole year.

  • You need a stylish All-Season Lent, with a snug cotton lining that keeps you warm in the winter but doesn’t make you overheat in the summer. The best ones have a removable inner fleece.

  • The last Lent I had barely made it through a full week. I had to buy another one the following year and that was also poor quality.

    Do you have the latest edition of ‘Lent Monthly’?

  • No, I thought their subscription was very steep for what you got. I read Lent.com online and sometimes I pick up a Lent freesheet on the train to work.

  • I’ve subscribed to Lentbook, a free to use online service where you can share your experiences with other Lenters as they’re now called.

    I don’t use public transport much these days but when I do I can never find a freesheet; they’re far too popular.

  • I heard that Kev loves Lent so much that he even loves the word Lent. Lately he’s been trying to get his friends and colleagues to borrow things off him, just so he can say he “Lent” them something.

  • Yeah. That’s a lovely name for a child. The only lovelier name would be Chris Ian James Paul McIver Hill, but Changlet Number One took that name already.

  • I like that. Or what about Ian Christopher James Marshall McIver Hill? That’s a nice tribute to two of the most influential people in the future Changlet’s life.

  • I think we should just get the birth certificate done now, with a few gaps for the date and time and stuff, and it can be a sort of present to the Changs.

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