Catching Up with Tasmin Archer

November 16th, 2010

Times have been hard for Tasmin Archer. It’s not easy having an international hit single, being labelled a one hit wonder and then struggling to come up with a follow-up.

The year is 1992. Sleeping Satellite (you know the one, “don’t blame you for the moonlit night and I wonder why, when the eagles fly” etc) slams into the top spot of the UK and Irish charts eventually being forced off by supreme lords of the smooth soulful chug-a-long Boyz II Men. Some other songs followed but they could never quite reach the heights previously set.

Four years after her debut album a second album followed and I’m sure it had its high points however there was something missing and it failed to carry on the success of the previous.

Apparently Tasmin Archer has a season ticket for Sunderland AFC. Well what else would you do in between recording sessions? Eat a pear? Neck a pint of red bull? Furthermore she is actually from West Yorkshire, born in Bradford. How’d you like them apples?

What is quite amazing is that despite only having three studio albums to her name she has three compilation albums. I thought that All Saints having a greatest hits after only two albums was odd, but this? Quite unheard of I must say. She does have a good set of pipes so it can’t be the pipes. Then again unless you’re struggling to decide whether you’re a man or a woman whilst simultaneously re-releasing your album ever five seconds, or filmingĀ videosĀ songs with overly gratutious sexual images with whipped cream and jelly tots you unfortunately won’t get very far.

Shame. Toot on Tasmin, toot on!

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