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I’ve got this

On Wednesday this week, I visited the place where Kev Head works and toured the extensive and boring facilities. In my time there I completed three major tasks:

  • Getting a little badge with my name on it
  • Eating fajitas in the charming rustic canteen
  • Inspecting Kev’s work environment and desk

In performing my post-fajita inspection of his desk I proceeded to wrap a bottle of correction fluid in blue insulating tape, and remove it from the premises secreted about my person. It is now in my posession.

Stolen item (and other miscellaneous items)

This marks the end of my crime spree. Bwa.

14 comments April 25th, 2010

A Post by Kev

I realised that it has been a disgustingly long time since I posted anything to this ‘ere container of mirth. So, riddled with shame, I decided that, like a pheonix from the flames, I would, triumphantly, rise up to the task before me and, once more, become a worthwhile contributor to this hallowed site.

Unfortunately I have nothing of any particular interest or value to add… Oh, except this nice picture what I drew on a pad at work…


We could turn it into a colouring competition if you like. Prizes for the winner.

11 comments December 1st, 2009


Suck deep and bathe…

Newsboost from Pouring Beans on Vimeo.

13 comments September 16th, 2009

My Desk

Just so you can all get to know me slightly better, here is a long, yet not comprehensive list of the items on my desk at work:

Speakers, mobile phone, Pint Glass (Empty), 3 plastic cups, 30cm shatterproof ruler, greem dry-wipe marker, a box of screws, some blu-tak, a permanent black marker, 2 handkerchiefs, a pot of salt, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (Sealed), A desk pad, 4 mice, 2 Hard drive platters, a hole punch, my laptop, a roll of yellow electrical tape, an 8-ball stress squisher, 3 network cables (2 grey, 1 yellow), A Microsoft Action Pack Subscription, blank CDR’s, a stuffed otter, a spen tie-wrap, a calculator and a miniature wheelie bin full of pens.

I hope you now feel you know me that little bit better.

18 comments August 12th, 2008

Repeat offender

I’ve been thieving, burgling and extorting my workplace again. As it’s my last day here before starting my new job on Monday I’ve really gone to town with my criminal activity.

I have stolen these two images:

DNA A strand of DNA, and

Liebstadt power station Liebstadt power station in Germany.

I have also pocketed a little mat to put your mug on which says Without a British Telecom Radiopager, you’re just not there. This is futuristic. Woo!

11 comments August 31st, 2006

Lost Property

I found this on the shared drive at work.

Lost property

Hooray for petty theft!

4 comments August 23rd, 2006

Where is everybody?

Just as the school’s fall out, the day’s are longer and the buses are emptier where is everyone? This website is as dead as Sunny D!

I stole this from work: it’s a pad of paper. But you can’t see it and I left it at home.

8 comments July 24th, 2006

Laser work

Today I have mostly been stealing this from work:

Man working with lasers
Clicky for bigness


It is a man working with lasers. I reckon his name is George.

5 comments July 18th, 2006


You see this:

Stolen Lamb
clicky for big!

I stole this.

I did.

And here it is.

2 comments July 13th, 2006


This image is a trefoil:


I found it on the shared drive here at work. I uploaded it to Pouringbeans. This is theft.


7 comments July 13th, 2006

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